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Moss Walls

Moss Walls - Wall Design With Preserved Natural Moss

Our moss walls consist of natural moss, which has been permanently preserved in a special process. Moss walls are a great alternative to hydroculture in the field of greening. In contrast to this kind of wall covering, moss walls do not require light, irrigation and fertilization. In addition, no further costs are incurred by maintaining this evergreen wall design.

The moss walls are made by hand, the mosses are glued onto a carrier plate and are produced individually according to the customer's requirements. There are 4 types of mosses available in different colors. For accents, flowers, ferns and woods can also be arranged in the moss. This creates a varied and individual wall greening. Each moss wall is unique, creating a special well-being and giving the ambience a great and natural appearance.

The areas of application are diverse, whether as ceiling design or wall-greening in hotels, in shop building, in office rooms or in the reception area. Of course also a highlight in the private area, be it in the living room or bedroom.

Moss wall design with hill moss - color nature - in a kitchen